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Pre-Employment Background Check

Strengthen your executive new hire screening process and stay FCRA-compliant with intelligence community-based analysis reporting that sheds light on critical candidate’s background, professional credentials, and overall reputation.

Source Highlights:
  • U.S. Criminal and Civil Records
  • Professional Licensing Databases
  • Social Media Platforms
  • U.S. and International News Media Outlets
  • Sanctions & Watchlists

Using a combination of public records databases, open web research, and social media reviews, we filter out the false-positives to uncover red flags. Your FCRA-compliant reports will fully detail instances of your subjects’ past criminal activities, professional and educational credentials, financial issues, or other relevant information to ensure your top-level candidates are the right fit for your organization.

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Client Results


An international law firm was looking to conduct a background check on a potential candidate that came highly recommended to them.


Prescient analysts used U.S. public records and open source research to generate a list of all U.S. counties in which the candidate had been employed, studied, or lived. The candidate’s name was searched through each of the courts in these counties, but no criminal records were discovered.

Additional research was conducted by running the candidate’s name through several public records commercial databases, and a match was found for their common name. Information provided by the court indicated the candidate had been arrested and convicted of manufacturing and distributing controlled dangerous substances. The local jail confirmed they had been incarcerated for three years. This information also led analysts to deduce that, although the candidate held a valid college degree, this degree was completed via mail while he was incarcerated.


Because of Prescient’s diligent search techniques, previously undiscovered information regarding the candidate’s criminal background and education was uncovered. Prescient’s insights informed the client their candidate was a previously incarcerated felon and allowed them to make a more effective hiring decision.

Clients Served

Prescient’s Pre-Employment Background Checks support a variety of clients that require deeper insights to clarify risks and opportunities. We proudly serve the following clients and welcome inquiries across all industries.

  • Global Law Firms
  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • White collar defense and investigations practices
  • Major Financial Institutions
  • Consulting Firms

How It Works

When you expect accurate and timely results, you’ll get them. We won’t bog you down with endless details and irrelevant fluff. Save time and energy with our Bottom-Line-Up-Front approach that presents quick-hit insights at the beginning of your reports, so you can quickly understand business risks.

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John Kula, CFE

Practice Lead, Due Diligence

John helps organizations solve problems in emerging markets, including some of the most challenging corporate jurisdictions in the world. His extensive experience working in law enforcement, corporate security, and data analytics enables a sophisticated approach to identify and resolve risk challenges for our clients. Prior to joining Prescient, John served as a Managing Member of Forenetics, LLC, as a Principal in the regulatory risk and investigations practice at London-based Control Risks, and as Senior Managing Director in the global investigations practice at FTI Consulting, just to name a few. John earned a B.S. in Psychology from Benedictine University and an MBA from DePaul University.